posted by Thom Holwerda on Mon 30th Jun 2014 23:38 UTC

A few days ago, the crazy BlackBerry Passport reared its... Square head. Over the weekend, posted a review of a pre-release version of the device.

It fits in dress shirt pockets and you can hold it with one hand. You just need two hands to use it. The battery lasts forever and the screen is a breath of fresh air for the 'cramped' Q10 users. The keyboard is a delicious treat that is a different approach compared to anything BlackBerry has done before it and anything that the market has ever seen. The combination of physical and onscreen this time around is exciting and intuitive. It is what we have been waiting for all along. A breath of fresh air.

This seems to be the device BlackBerry should have put out years ago. It's different, it's fresh, yet retains what makes a BlackBerry, well, a BlackBerry. This is exactly the kind of device us hardware keyboard lovers need.

Bring it on, BlackBerry. Do it. Release it. Everywhere.

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