posted by Eugenia Loli on Tue 11th Feb 2003 17:56 UTC
IconBeginning next week, people who use Sony Ericsson's P800 mobile phones can download a browser from Opera Software that will let them see bulky Web pages on their tiny screens. On other browser news, Mozilla 1.3 beta was released. Our take: No idea why the media are getting so worked up on Smartphone or Opera browsers for expensive phones, when the real competition and even real money is in the cheap phones that are accesible to most people. The high-end mobile phone market is barely a market. For example, Openwave has a great phone browser, displays XHTML-MP/WCSS/WML etc, however it doesn't make headlines every time they sign a deal. And they are the biggest phone browser vendor worldwide. And then, there is always Access and AU, but they are never mentioned.
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