posted by Eugenia Loli on Wed 4th Jun 2003 23:10 UTC, submitted by StevenW
IconA 1995 contract sheds light on the conflicting Unix ownership claims by Novell and SCO Group, with SCO receiving broad rights to the OS but Novell retaining copyrights and patents. Updated

Elsewhere, the SCO Group has shut down its German Web site after a Linux advocacy group in the country obtained a restraining order.

Also, SCO tries to make its case that Linux violates its rights to license Unix. The operating system and network-management software maker said Wednesday that it has begun showing industry analysts proof that portions of the Unix source code have been incorporated into the development of the Linux operating system. SCO Group says this alleged code misappropriation violates its right to license Unix, which it says it purchased from Novell in 1995.

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