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IconMisinterpreted. I think that is about the best word around to describe the reactions to my previous article. Whether it has been misinterpreted due to people only reading what they want to read, due to an unclear choice of words on my behalf, or other factors, I am going to try it again. I will try to explain my position, again. Now, more stable, the code has been rewritten from scratch!

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Why The Comments Weren't Hell...

Some people said I was unexperienced, some said I did not try enough distributions, some said I was favouring Windows over Linux, some even accused the editors of of pro-Microsoft propaganda. What have I written to upset you so much?

I never imagined so many people would not get the idea of that article. I never had the intention to diss Linux in any way; I said it in the article itself, I said it many times in the comments area, but I am going to say it again (and again, and again...): I like Linux! But just because I like Linux, it does not automatically mean I totally loose touch with reality. Linux is not perfect. Just like Window has, it has its flaws, it has its downsides, just like Windows has (and to keep it simple, and straight, I do not prefer one over the other). But that goes for everything in life, from girls, to cars, to politicians (although I cannot seem to find a bright side when it comes to that kind of people).

I wrote the first part of the article to clarify and address the fact that some of the die-hard Linux fans tend to deny the fact that Linux is not bliss (again, "bliss", I like that word). Some people just cannot seem to look at Linux (and of course I mean the different flavors/distributions etc. of "Linux", but you get the point) without their pink goggles on (Dutch saying, meaning you only look at the bright side).

How strange it may seem, I can understand that. If you have never experienced any problems with your OS, it has been stable like Mount Everest, fast as Micheal Schumacher's F1 2003, and you never had to do a reboot, then it is natural to think that way. It's like being in love; the girl cannot do anything wrong (although I do not state that your OS is as important as your girl ;) ).

But for some (or a lot, I do not know) people, Linux has not been all that good. And to dismiss those people by saying "They should read a manual", "They will learn it, over time" and so on, is just, with all due respect, kind of stupid. How would you feel if you got told by your driving instructor: "Hey man, driving is easy, figure it out yourself. And if you don't succeed, here's the manual. Still not working? Well, buy a bike, for god's sake!"

And then you have people stating that the problems I mentioned, aren't problems at all. Well, if I find those things annoying, uneasy, or just plain stupid, then sure as a rock there are people who agree with me (you have to be a little arrogant sometimes). Simply knowing no one who ever got Aids, does not mean Aids does not exist (the movie "Kids", anyone?).

But the comment that astonished me the most was by Lorm (2003-07-27 05:18:39). He stated:

|""In 2001 I bought my own computer" [note: speaks volumes]".|

This really pissed me off. I was astonished to see someone write a comment without actually reading the article. Yes, I indeed bought MY OWN computer in 2001. But I have worked with computers since 1991 (my parents then bought a 286, what a beast of a machine that was!). But at the age of seven, in the year 1991, it's impossible to have your own computer. It was all new, back then. To cut a long story short, he accused me of not being experienced enough. Sure, my friend, and the pope still plays soccer every day. But... that was not all from this post. Next, he stated:

|""I think the major Distributions should all "join hands" to create one version of Linux, with one desktop, a uniform look, with one update system and so on." [note: thus expressing a fundamental ignorance of the nature of Linux]."|

Anyone who has really read the article also read the last paragraph. I stated there:

|"Of course that [one version of Linux] kind of takes away the essence of the Open-Source concept. Open-Source is all about letting everybody not only use the software, but also letting everybody improve the software. This has led to a diversity in the available software. This is a good thing, if you are an expert willing to put time and effort into your OS, but if you are not, than Linux just isn't for you, at this moment."|

I rest my case.

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