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"Lindows review, Page 3/3"

Default application choices

Click for a larger version Default browser & mail client is the Mozilla suite, which is fine choice. File manager is Konqueror. My computer shows symlinks to my documents, desktop, programs, network shares and to system root. Displaying link to system root, is, in my opinion a bit dangerous. Especially if you run as root, you can delete important files by mistake. Default CD burning application is K3B which is probably the best CD/DVD burning software out there for Linux. K3B was set up correctly. A nice thing that many other distros haven't managed to do is to add maximum speed choice to K3B.

Default text editor seems to be Kwrite, which is fine choice. Programmers probably might like Kate more. Usual stuff, XMMS as MP3 player. Mplayer is not installed by default in this edition, and cannot be CNR'ed either without CNR membership. A small flaw in my opinion. But all together, all default choices were good choices for newcomers: best of the Linux apps out there.

Developer's goodies

As this is Developer's edition, I expected to see some developer's goodies. A good selection of tools are installed: Kdevelop, Emacs, Vim, Kate. But no Quanta+ which I miss.

Instant messenger

Click for a larger version As Lindows is a KDE based distribution, I expected to see Kopete as instant messenger but instead it has Gaim (worse choice in my opinion, if you do KDE based desktop, other KDE apps give better integration into system than GTK based ones).

Configuration tools

Lindows has integrated the configuration tools into KDE control center, which, in my opinion, is a very good choice instead of having separate config tool like Mandrake's Control center. One nice thing was the Wireless configuration tool, shame just that it didn't work out for me.

Some small, but nice enchantments

Click for a larger version Lindows has added direct link to the autostart folder to the Lindows menu, which is nice in my opinion. Very few people know about KDE's autostart folder which is hidden in ~/.kde/Autostart. This folder even has nice text document explaining how Autostart works

The Lindows menu has "CNR more" link for each software category. I think this is useful especially for newcomers who don't have any clue about Linux software. They can just browser through menus and install more software related to software category.

Java and Flash plugins were installed and worked with Mozilla without any extra work. Realplayer plugin, however, was not installed. This is available in CNR I guess but not available unless you subscribe for it.

Lindows has also added quick link to Xkill to start menu (Terminate application).

Final words

Click for a larger version My Lindows experience has been quite shocking for an old Slackware user. Still, Lindows has done great work for making Linux as gui-oriented as possible.

Overall, Lindows is a fine KDE-based distribution for newcomers. It has some nice enhancements which make it easy to use. Despite the Wlan problem (that I still haven't managed to solve), I'm pretty impressed with it. Indeed recommended for newbies to give it a shot. If I somehow manage to resolve the wlan problem, quite possibly I will buy the laptop edition. Time will tell.

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