posted by Eugenia Loli on Sat 24th Apr 2004 15:53 UTC
IconContinuing yesterday's Gnome story where we mentioned the webcam/voice project for Gaim, Tim Ringenbach wrote us in with more info and a preliminary screenshot from their project, gaim-vv.


Currently there is support for viewing other people's Yahoo! Webcams, but not for letting other people view yours. Filamoon tells me he has msn voice support nearly done, using linphone, and he seems to have some msn video related code. But that's his area and I'm not completely up to speed about where he's at with it. He's currently busy with exams and doesn't have a lot of freetime. I don't know if he's replied to you yet or not.

No one has yet stepped forward to code anything (voice or video related) iChat, AIM, or any other protocol.

My current goal is to write a good infrastructure, so that adding support for other protocols is relatively easy. Once that is done I can look into getting it merged with Gaim. At the same time I'll be looking into implementing sending support for Yahoo!. Thanks to the libyahoo2 project most of the Yahoo! related code for that is already there, but there's no UI or core code for it, nothing to read from a webcam, etc.

The MSN support is using linphone which I believe can already read from webcams and stuff. Eventually we need to make them us the same code path however. -- Tim Ringenbach

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