posted by David Adams on Wed 16th Jun 2004 19:03 UTC
IconTwo months ago, Gnome took its software repository offline in order to bolster internal security, and since then there has not been a focal point on the internet for GNOME software. We're happy to announce, a resource for Gnome/GTK+ developers and users to post and find software. Read for more info and the prizes we offer to the first devs that will submit an app.

Our soft-launch of Gnomefiles is intended for Gnome software developers. We need to get our software database filled as quickly as possible, so we can start to publicize it among Gnome users. So if you develop Gnome or GTK+ software (including apps based on their bindings), please take a few minutes to add your app to Gnomefiles.

We know you're busy, and you're likely to put this task on your to-do list right under "clean fuzzballs out from under the living room sofa" so we have some added incentives that we hope will encourage you to do it right now. Of the developers that register for the site and add at least one application to the Gnomefiles database during our soft-launch period (which will go for 1-3 weeks) we will award the following prizes:

- Four $25 gift certificates
- Ten OSNews subscriptions (allowing you to read a faster-loading OSNews without ads), a $20 value each.
- One copy of "Advanced UNIX Programming, Second Edition" by Mark Rochkind.
- Four blocks of $50 in free advertising to promote your application.

We will also weight the awards of the prizes to those users who entered earliest. That is, the earlier you register and submit your app, the more likely you are to win something. While you are at it, please let us know of any bugs you might find on the site. Currently the site is in beta, but it is developed fast.

So, go to it, it's free! Submit your Gnome/GTK+ app here:

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