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IconWhile UnixReview reviews Xandros 2, Xandros announced the release of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) editions of the Xandros Desktop Operating System. These OEM editions allow the manufacturer to customize desktop wallpaper and icons, browser home page and bookmarks, and other aspects of thecustomer experience to meet their specific business objectives and regional needs. Read more for the rest of the press release.

"With Xandros it was a simple matter of adding a few sources to the update list and installing some files and fonts to enable our users to read and write in both Hebrew and English," said Aaron Mehl, of Landmehl. "Xandros enabled us to make the console bilingual as well, simply by tweaking a few text files."

"Our customers love the Xandros Desktop because of ease of its use," said Chander Kant, President of LinuxCertified Inc., a leading Linux laptop vendor. "Having Xandros pre-installed on their laptops, makes the overall experience even better. Thanks to the OEM editions, we can seamlessly fine tune our laptops to the user requirements."

OEM customization can be as simple as selecting a regional setting or as elaborate as Element Computer's substitution of the Firefox browser and a custom Parchment icon theme for their IONŽ laptops. "After testing, trying, and working with top Linux products, it became clear that only Xandros could provide the basis for the customer experience we were after," stated Mike Hjorleiffsson, President of Element Computer.

"We are seeing an upsurge in demand for Linux Desktop PCs, especially among sophisticated laptop users looking for a secure, stable environment free of Windows viruses," said Dr. Frederick H. Berenstein, Xandros Chairman and CTO. "With the new OEM versions of Xandros Desktop OS, our partners can enhance the customer experience and put their own stamp on the product."

OEM editions of the Xandros Desktop OS provide all the benefits of the award-winning commercial releases, including clean, well-structured menus that invite users to get right to work and make it easy to find their favorite programs. The office suite provides compatibility with Microsoft features and files, and the Xandros File Manager makes it easy to drag and drop files, manage folders and archives, access local partitions, share network resources, set up printers, and perform numerous other tasks. The OEM edition of the Xandros Business Desktop OS also provides server-accessed network connections through authentication against Windows Primary Domain Controllers and Active Directory servers.

Systems builders can assure customer satisfaction and first-time ease of use by configuring regional settings for language, units of measure, paper size, and keyboard. Branding can be enhanced by customizing in the login dialog, the first boot wizard, the desktop wallpaper and icons, and the web browser home page and bookmarks.

As a service to manufactures, Xandros can also provide customized OEM builds, fully tested for quality assurance. To increase marketing opportunities and build confidence, Xandros can certify hardware and/or software as "Designed for Xandros!"

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