posted by Eugenia Loli on Tue 10th Aug 2004 07:24 UTC, submitted by adel
IconPHP-GTK 1.0.1 is seeing the light of day. Vote for it here. Check in for the changelog.

What's in this release:

Version 1.0.1 "you thought we were done?" 09-Aug-2004
- buildconf script now takes an optional --with-phpize="path" option to specify the location of phpize script. (Andrei)
- removed support for old build system. PHP 4.3.x is now required to build PHP-GTK. (Andrei)
- implemented append_element(), prepend_element(), insert_element(), append_item(), prepend_item(), and insert_item() methods of GtkToolbar class. (Andrei)
- exposed the following (read-only) GtkToolbar properties: (Andrei)
* style
* space_style
* space_size
* orientation
- reimplemented Gdk::cursor_new_from_pixmap() so it actually works. (Tom Rogers , Andrei)

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