posted by Steven Edwards & Thom Holwerda on Fri 13th Aug 2004 20:05 UTC
IconAfter a few days of work Thomas Weidenmueller and Filip Navara of the ReactOS project have developed a SkyOS Compatibility Layer that works under ReactOS and Windows.

I am at this time working on adding support to Wine to allow SkyOS applications to run. More complex applications should follow in the days ahead.

ReactOS Screenshots

SkyOS Screenshot

Windows Screenshot

Extensive C++ Programming Tutorial For SkyOS

Thom submitted the news about a new tutorial for SkyOS API. Excerpt:

"It's time to get serious and build a real application using C++ for SkyOS; by "real" I mean an application that embodies all the good things that high-quality software should include, such as a clean and easily understood design, effective error checking and diagnostic functions, and a graphically pleasing user interface."

Check out this extensive tutorial on C++ programming on SkyOS on the SkyOS' Programmer's diary, chapter 1 and 2.

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