posted by Mike Bouma on Sun 31st Mar 2002 18:36 UTC
IconIn a live interactive streaming audio/ICQ interview, by UGN at the AmigaExpo in Baltimore, Hyperion released even more interesting details regarding the development of AmigaOS4. Some highlights:

* The initial expected end-user release date is planned for May.
* At least one OS update (AmigaOS 4.1) before the end of this year.
* Screenshots to be appearing around the 10th of April, showing intuition's new look and capabilities. (Birdie, VisualPrefs and MagicMenu functionality is being implementated in a very clean way.)
* Hyperion licensed DOpus Magellan from GPSoft for AmigaOS4.
* Support for Apple hardware is possible, but unlikely as this would require a non anti-competive behaviour by Apple.
* Overhauled version of the DataTypes System planned this year for AmigaOS 4.1 or 4.2, especially geared towards streaming media (encoding/decoding).
* Good Unicode support is being worked on (full implementation in Amiga4.1). Hyperion licensed 12 professional TrueType fonts from Agfa for next generation AmigaOS releases.
* Clean PPC native implementation of ARexx.
* An Overhauled printer system is planned for AmigaOS 4.1
* The new PPC version of the internet browser IBrowse will have much better JavaScript support and stability. Flash player support will also become available for IBrowse.
* IBrowse will utilize a new PPC native version of the highly customizable Magic User Interface. However MUI will not be the standardly endorsed GUI system for AmigaOS, that will be Reaction and BOOPSI.
* Petunia, a very fast PPC JIT 68k emulator will be integrated into PPC AmigaOS.
* Open Office (An open source implementation of Sun's StarOffice)is being ported.
* ATi provides good support, support for the whole Radeon family is planned.
* A wide variety of PCI soundcard (including SoundBlaster Live!) support will be available for AmigaOS4.

Also check out this transcript of a recent interesting public IRC conference with some Hyperion developers.

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