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Apple At a special press event today, Apple introduced various new products. Besides the usual iPod/iTunes chit-chatter, they introduced a new Mac Mini with either a dual-core or single-core Intel processor. The new Mini sports the same form factor as the old one, and comes with an improved Front Row (support for playing streamed content using Bonjour), TV-out, and more. Note: Thanks go out to iLounge, MacCentral, and Engadget for providing live feeds.
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When I saw the Intel Mac Mini...
by Luposian on Wed 1st Mar 2006 07:13 UTC
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One of the first things I just HAD to find, were the system specs. And I found 'em. As soon as I saw "Intel GMA950" for graphics, I sighed sorrowfully. Then I did an immediate Google search to see reviews on that particular chipset.,1697,1821814,00.asp

There are others, but this one sums it up well enough.

Apple puts crap video hardware into their lowest-end Intel Mac, because now they CAN! When the Mac Mini was PPC, there was at least a LITTLE pride in the quality, even if it wasn't all that powerful. ATI, to me, means quality and performance. So would nVidia. But Intel? Pah!

If you buy an Intel Mac Mini... try playing some of those nice resource-hungry games like Quake 4 and Doom 3. Good luck! I'd bet my 1.8GHz G4 (Digital Audio) with Radeon 9800 Pro would spank the Intel GMA950 in the Mac Mini.

I can't wait til the Intel Mac Mini reviews start coming in... let the laughing begin!

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smoke Member since:

And they will continue to do so as long as poor saps keep buying them and not vote with their wallets and defending apple no matter what they do as if they drank the apple kool-aid they have been passing around.

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Given that the old Mac Minis had Radeon 9200S in them, I'd say your comparison is a bit specious. The reality is that the mini is not intended to compete with a what was a top-of-the-line machine (upgraded DA G4). A Quake 4 machine it ain't (before or after).

Although, FYI, the new mini should have quite a leg up on that G4 when it comes to compiling in Fink. Everybody has there own favorite benchmark :-)

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I have personally seen the PPC mac mini outperform PC's with intel graphics with twice as much vram allocated in certain things such as UT2004 or Doom 3.

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Luposian Member since:

I bet my G4 spanks the Intel Core "Oh-no" and the Intel Core "Dunno", when it comes to RC5 key cracking (or whatever it's called). My friend found out his 1.25MHz G4 Mac Mini was beating both his top Intel and AMD multi-GigaHertz rigs (XP2100+ and a P4 2.5GHz) by a huge margin at that, also. If I recall correctly, even his lowly 500MHz G4 Sawtooth was giving both systems a run for their money...

Altivec... it's gotta be the Altivec.

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My god, You are too much as usuall. Try Doom III on that Slow Bussed G4 Upgrade of yours. A G5 Dual with 2x the video GPU of your machine barely gets 30FPS which is not good at all.

The Mini is now a Machine to play video through your TV. At least the video will do Core Image. It's not and never was a gaming machine. My mini with the All Powerfull G4 will not play Doom III or Quake 4 to save it's life and either will your machine. The Core Duo CPU will blow your G4 out of the water doing REAL WORK. If you want a Game machine, get a XBox or build a REAL A64 system. The new Mini is fine for it's intended uses and will STOMP all over the older Mini. What more do you want in that small enclosure.

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>Good luck! I'd bet my 1.8GHz G4 (Digital Audio) with
>Radeon 9800 Pro would spank the Intel GMA950 in the Mac

Of course it will, but your machine takes up about 20x the space and sounds like a hairdryer while running. I know, I had a quicksilver with the same upgrades. For the mac user that doesn't play games, a developer, or as a business machine, this is really sweet. $800 for a dual processor mac is a steal.

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