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Slackware, Slax XYZComputing reviews VectorLinux, and concludes: "VectorLinux is definitely going places. This distribution made a very good impression on me during the time I have spent with it and it will be remaining on my desktop for some time to come. Though it is not really one of the better known Linux distributions it appears to be growing due to its speed and capability."
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by rft183 on Thu 2nd Mar 2006 14:14 UTC
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All of the screenshots that were posted were of XFCE 4, not a customized KDE as was stated in the review.

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by chemical_scum on Thu 2nd Mar 2006 14:52 in reply to "Not KDE"
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Yeah ! - He writes a six page review and still doesn't know what DE he is using. What a plonker.

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by Dark_Knight on Thu 2nd Mar 2006 16:54 in reply to "Not KDE"
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Screenshots of the various desktops that come with the Vector Linux 5.1 can be seen here

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RE[2]: Not KDE
by chemical_scum on Thu 2nd Mar 2006 17:12 in reply to "RE: Not KDE"
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Hey they've got e17 there in the screenshots of desktops that come with Vector Linux 5.1. The moron that wrote the original review didn't mention that. It is almost tempting me to try it out.

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