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KDE "Tonight's People Behind KDE interview is with the author of the most active program in KDE, Krita. Not only has he made the premier free software painting application he has also added the vital vertical-maximise feature to KWin. Find out what the most inspirational thing is for a hacker fixing his bugs in our interview with Boudewijn Rempt."
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Maybe they have a time travelling device ... ;) In a few years (months?) krita may surpass GIMP in many respects.

Quote (comment at bottom):
One of the things missing is the framework for handling dynamic layer effects. That's what is missing from Gimp too and what gives it eternally as a little hobbyist program. Their architecture just simply can not support "crafting" way of working with images, which is very convenient and effective.

Krita can't do it either. It could and can, as it wasn't designed poorly at the beginning. But it's still a long way to go :/

So, yeah, if the pace of krita development stays at its current rate, it might soon be the premiere painting app for *nix. (but currently I like GIMP more, but I haven't tried 1.5 beta).

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Actually, we've got adjustment layers now...

Note that I'm not responsible for saying "premier painting application" in the dot blurb!

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nice work; you should give distro a try. while Ubuntu is nice, but it's not as fast/customizable/fun as gentoo.

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