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Apple This week saw the introduction of various new Apple products. Everybody has their own opinions on these new products, and websites all over the world saw enough discussions about the integrated video card of the Mini, the 'HiFi-ness' of the iPod HiFi, and more. Another issue, however, which got considerable less attention, was that of pricing. And no, I'm not talking about expensive-or-not (God, no). I'm talking about price differences between the US and Europe. And quite frankly, it's pissing me off. Note: This is this week's Sunday Eve Column.
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RE: Warranty
by Pasha on Mon 6th Mar 2006 18:42 UTC in reply to "Warranty"
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In Italy Apple sells with 1 Year warranty.
The EU law states restrictions to the seller to sell a compliant product according to what is adversized, otherwise the seller has to return money in the first 6 months.

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