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Novell and Ximian "SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop is an all-in-one solution that contains technology innovations and usability breakthroughs including integrated desktop search, accelerated graphical interfaces and numerous application improvements. SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop delivers market-leading usability plus an exceptional end user experience with an easy-to-use and easy-to-learn environment. Seamless interoperability and support for standards allows SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop to readily coexists with Windows, Mac, Unix and other operating systems." The preview page has some screenshots and a screencast. My take: And there was much rejoicing. I'm seriously looking forward to this release.
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RE[3]: Pretty clunky looking...
by JCooper on Fri 10th Mar 2006 01:01 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Pretty clunky looking..."
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I find it strange how the screenshots and Nat's demo show BEST rather than Holmes. I also think they've missed something with that "computer" menu - it's a pretty big pane, so why the hell does searching for something open yet another window? The only concept (unfortunately not implementation) I think MS has got right with Vista, is having search results right there where you type the search terms in the start menu. With this wider panel, the area where the application shortcuts are could be replaced with a search-as-you-type feature. Pressing escape, or clicking a cleanup icon (like that in Banshee's search field) would close the search results and display the applications once more.

Further to that, I also think the seperate window to find the application you're after is the wrong approach. While this is acceptable on a Mac, coming from fd.o standardised menus/categories in Gnome/KDE until now, this is a step backwards. OK the categories are still there, but its more of a pain to get to them. Also, again, the search-as-you-type finding of applications (a la Deskbar) should be right there in the computer menu, making opening an app (assuming the search entry has focus as soon as the computer menu opens) as easy as click (or superkey) > type > hit enter.

Anyway, its open source, hopefully other distributors will get this packaged up and available soon so pedantic people like me can actually use the concept rather than just comment on screenshots etc ;)

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It prefer a new window than a side bar with all my apps in, it's just so much easier to see than scrolling down a ton of apps.

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