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IBM IBM Germany has refuted a Groklaw report that the division has decided to migrate Windows desktops to Linux rather than upgrade them to Vista. Groklaw's story was based on statements reportedly made by an IBM sales executive in a presentation at LinuxForum 2006. This morning, Hans Rehm, of IBM Germany's Press Relations department, emailed the following, somewhat ambiguous, statement.
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RE[2]: IBM ... Alternative desktop
by porcel on Sat 11th Mar 2006 19:39 UTC in reply to "RE: IBM ... Alternative desktop"
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"Don't compare such a biased (note how I do not say 'bad') website to a balanced place like OSNews. They're in two completely different leagues."

Yeah, OSNews is fair and balance in the same way that Fox news is. Make me laugh.

You could only wish for the research skills and the backbone that Pamela has shown. Do I need to remind you that Groklaw has been the best blog site twice in a row?

As far as this pathetic corner of the web called osnews, so long as it is being run by amateur kids such as yourself, it will remain what it is: a pulpit that you use to pontificate to the rest of the world with no analysis, no real journalistic work done of any kind, but a mere reposting and please spare us your "Sunday editorials"

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