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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y OSNews regular Kaiwai takes a superficial look at Vista and MacOS 10.4/10.5, and concludes: "To say that the changes in Windows Vista are only skin deep is missinformed to say the least; spend some time reading those sources I have listed, and even if you don't have a desire to run Windows Vista or particular interested in Windows based technology, it does provide some good resources explaining the changes and rationale behind those choices made. So from a purely technical point of view, Windows Vista is actually looking a whole lot more interesting than what the detractors have been saying in the computer press about the current direction."
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I would not buy a Vista Box unless I can get a decent preview (not installable life-CD would be OK).

Or MS manages to shove Vista down my throat in bullying them big OEMs into preinstalling it onto every machine they ship (like it is now).

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So.. you can't buy a machine without Windows? Interesting.

Oh wait, you can.

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