SciTech SNAP Graphics for Linux 2.0 now Available

SciTech Software, Inc. today announced that it is has released SciTech SNAP Graphics for Linux 2.0 – The Simple Driver Solution. This release is based on SciTech’s SNAP (System Neutral Access Protocol) architecture and targets the Linux enterprise markets with a host of features designed to reduce the total cost of ownership associated with maintaining Linux on corporate enterprises. Read more for the rest of the press release.“This release of SciTech SNAP graphics for Linux feels like a home coming for me,” said Kendall Bennett, SciTech CEO and Founder. “As some may recall the original release of SciTech Nucleus technology, now known as SciTech SNAP was developed and released in 1998 to offer robust graphics support to early versions of Linux.”

SciTech SNAP Graphics for Linux 2.0 supports both X11, and Qt on virtually all graphics chipsets in one easy to deploy package. SciTech SNAP Graphics for Linux 2.0 delivers advanced 2D acceleration for business users, Plug-N-Play support, and supports all versions of from Xfree86 4.0.2 to 4.3.0 with consistent device support, making enterprise wide deployment and maintenance a real snap!

“Enterprise customers are the real winners here today, with the release of SciTech SNAP Graphics for Linux support costs associated with Linux deployments and maintenance can be dramatically reduced,” said Andrew Bloo, SciTech’s Director of Sales and Marketing. “For the first time enterprise customers looking to deploy a Linux solution can do so with out the worry of unsupported or odd case graphics hardware adding complexity to OS images being deployed across the enterprise.”

SciTech SNAP Graphics for Linux allows for a single device driver solution to be easily deployed across an entire enterprise. This single solution approach means that qualifying an image for deployment now takes less time, requires fewer steps and can be updated much faster. In addition to the many upfront advantages offered by SciTech SNAP Graphics for Linux, other long-term advantages can also be realized. Benefits such as; fully supported device drivers, tested and certified driver binaries, wide Linux distribution compatibility, and full access to qualified tech support if the situation ever arises. As new hardware is added and or updated SciTech SNAP Graphics automatically detects the change and updates the system to take advantage of the capabilities found in the new hardware. More importantly if a particular graphics card fails it can be easily replaced with another supported graphics card with out the need to reconfigure or update Xfree86.

The SciTech SNAP SDK is also available from the SciTech website under a dual-license structure (Proprietary and GPL). For more information on the SciTech SNAP SDK please see our website ( which contains the complete SDK source code and documentation.


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