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Windows Microsoft has delayed a special slimmed-down version of Windows XP for legacy PCs, which is based on the Windows Embedded code base. The Redmond company had expected to make the operating system available to Software Assurance customers this month, but now says Windows Fundamentals will ship 'in late 2006.' Windows Fundamentals can run on older machines that do not support XP while providing the same level of security.
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"This is just silly and this is why gamers play games and not design operating systems."

I'm also very much into programming, you never know what I'll be doing in a few years :-) .

Oh, and I'm hardly a gamer. I suck at games but I still play them for fun on occasion. I also get good grades in school and I'm doing a fine job of learning how to program independently with nothing more than books. The reason I want a stripped down version of Windows for gaming only is because I can use Linux for everything else, I could get Cadega but that takes a while to become compatible with games and doesn't always get there with some.

"your game get's 100% of the cpu if it's the only thing contending for the cpu"

The other guy replying mentioned the pre-emptive multi-tasking taking away processor time, and I doubt many people use Windows without a firewall and Anti-virus software. I for one don't trust it that much.

"If your system is fast enough to run XP at an acceptable pace your system will not benefit a lick from being "slimmed down""

That only deals with one point, the others being that it would be much more affordable, it would need much fewer Windows updates, it would take a few minutes to install and it would take a fraction of the maintenance. It would also be advantageous to Microsoft since I've met my share of real gamers (or at least far more into gaming than I) who did pirate Windows because they thought the 200$+ CAD price tag for something they only see when starting up or shutting down their computer was too much to pay. If those people could get Windows stripped down to being no more than a game launcher for 25 to 50$ CAD they'd be much more likely to pay for it, and if they still pirated it at least it would only be a stripped down Windows XP that's useless beyond the scope of gaming.

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