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General Unix After receiving several comments to his November 2005 article on hating UNIX, David Chisnall offers his responses and further insight on his continuing disdain.
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RE[4]: Shell Globing
by Ookaze on Mon 20th Mar 2006 15:03 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Shell Globing"
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It was mearly a simple example

And someone competent came with the solution right away. You should start to understand where the problem is.
No, the guy is no genius, he jus knows his tools.

What's wrong with your equivilent loop is that it is far more verbose and less obvious

BS, it was pretty obvious to me. 'far more verbose' and 'less obvious'. Wow man, you don't even know what you want.
The guy did your job but obviously, what you want is not your job done, what you want is disparage the shell as it is, to find an issue where there is none.
Good luck on that. FYI, I have production code in shell far more complicated than that, that do things you could apparently not understand (if you find this not obvious).
I learnt the shell in one week, the rest is experience, so I fail to see where you people find an issue.

Why write a for loop when the shell could do it for me?

Because the shell does not read your mind ? Some people are amazing, searching issues where there are none. Look at the rename command.

What if I wanted to do "mv qux*_foo_*_.[cpp|h] qux_bar_*_.[cpp|h]"? Write, test and debug an even bigger shell script?

Why not ? With sed for example. Or use rename.

Just because the UNIX shell doesn't allow me to write "mv *.foo *.bar" doesn't mean it's a bad idea

Wrong, it allows you to do it as long as the last name is a directory. The only problem here, is that YOU do not understand what this command means.
You think the authors of mv should have designed it like you think, you don't even understand the problem is that you don't understand what mv does.

Why should there be an artificial barrier to writing applications to do more useful things?

There is none. But that's not what you want. What you want is redefine existing well entrenched Unix commands, because of a whim.
And you use stupid articles (and guys) like this one to justify your wrong view.
When I hear people saying such nonsense, it reminds me of my CS courses, when I realised how much design was important, and how much design had been put in common Unix commands.

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RE[5]: Shell Globing
by Sphinx on Mon 20th Mar 2006 16:48 in reply to "RE[4]: Shell Globing"
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Thanks for spelling that out, some people never get it. Too bad I don't have any mod points because you certainly deserve them.

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