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OpenBSD OpenBSD has asked for donations: "To fulfill most development goals OpenBSD should be generating about $100K USD. With that amount of money the project can finance 1 large and 4 small hackathons per year. Pay the bills and a part-time developer to mind the shop when Theo isn't around. In an ideal world we would have a sponsor per hackathon and the CD sales would be paying for other expenses." On a very related note, pre-orders for OpenBSD 3.9 are now available.
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I don't have much money :(
by ZaNkY on Tue 21st Mar 2006 20:50 UTC
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I unfortunately don't have much money to spare these days, I don't even buy CDs. If I had the money to spare, I would definitely order the CDs (the shipping is worth the wait). I don't mean to sound hypocritical, but if you have the money, do donate!


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RE: I don't have much money :(
by Archite on Wed 22nd Mar 2006 00:44 in reply to "I don't have much money :("
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I understand completely where you are coming from. Check out the donation page ( You can donate $5 here and there. It does add up and the project does appreciate it. Whether you are a fan of OpenBSD or not, the group does help other projects create better programs in the form of diff's and of course they are the group behind OpenSSH. If you can, please donate!

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