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IBM "BM's Thinkpads had a consistent reputation as a solid, reliable business-oriented laptop. With IBM divesting of its PC division to Lenovo, many have wondered what will happen to the ThinkPad lineup. Will the quality decrease? What about performance?" Ars reviews the Thinkpad X60, and concludes: "The X60 is a solid implementation of the new Core Duo platform. Lenovo hasn't lost the ThinkPad 'touch' yet, and is proceeding with development in the same way IBM has. And the new Core Duo platform brings dual-core performance to Centrino, while keeping the same low power usage."
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RE: Crappy 3d card
by miscz on Thu 23rd Mar 2006 23:46 UTC in reply to "Crappy 3d card"
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Intel GMA9xx are not that bad, I would say that they are equivalent of GeForce FX5200. If Vista won't run on that then Microsoft is really doomed. And remember that this is a laptop - energy saving is very important and Intel's graphics chipsets are very power-efficient.

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RE[2]: Crappy 3d card
by RenatoRam on Fri 24th Mar 2006 08:20 in reply to "RE: Crappy 3d card"
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Not to mention that both XGL and AIGLX, the two solutions for accelerated desktop with special effects on linux both work *very well* with all the intel integrated video cards (i8xx and i9xx series, whatever).

It can be done. If Vista does not, well, shame on MS :-)

(I assume most OSNews readers have seen at least the .avi released by Novell, which shows a lot of cool effects that match and in some cases already surpass what Vista is doing. And that's with an alpha project, with only a handful of animation/graphics plugins)

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