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Windows Since we haven't posted anything about the new Windows Vista beta release lately... Stardock's Brad Wardell writes "I've put together a first look at the first beta of Windows Vista. In the coming days I hope to delve deep into the guts of Microsoft's new OS but I've tried to put together a decent overview of what Windows Vista is all about."
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>Finally Windows will have the security feature that all GNU/Linux and OS X users enjoy.
No' so fast. There is a small mountain range of third-party code that isn't likely to work well with these changes. For example, all of your hardware drivers.

Improved OS implementation does not automatically a happy user create.

Quite likely, vendors will (reasonably) spend their time on getting their new stuff to work well, and only grudgingly consider updating older drivers. Stand by for what might feel like a mugging.

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I am not saying that the transistion to this type of model will be pain free, especially since Windows developers have long enjoyed an open security model and didn't have to worry to much about write permissions but this is something that is a long time comming and it is good to see that Windows Vista is finally going to implement the feature. It is LATE coming but it is here none the less. Also, sorry if I offended anyone by not including the BSD's (Free, Net, Open) in the group of OS's with this model alongside GNU/Linux and OSX ;)

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Well, the fact is, those who stick to the 'good programming principles of Windows 2000' shouldn't have any problems; those who will have problems are those who use nasty, undocumented hacks or simply write half baked, hacked together applications and leaving design considerations to the last minute.

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