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Fedora Core It's been about 2.5 years since the first release of Fedora Core. And boy has it come long way! The new version of Fedora Core (FC) is featuring a number of goodies and performance enhancements as we describe below (and yes, it even includes a new logo).
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things left before I even consider to use it
by mnem0 on Sun 26th Mar 2006 15:15 UTC
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* On my 2.6ghz,1gb ram FC5 takes 1min15s to boot while w2k only takes 46s.

* Firefox launches in less than 2 secs on my freshly booted w2k (without the fastlaunch tray icon) and often more than 4 seconds on a freshly booted FC5 (the same hardware).

* When I rapidly resize firefox on FC5 the graphics are lagging behind in a clunky manner. This is not a problem with FF ofc, but it rather reflects the poor 2d gfx and windowing performance of fc5 (or possible my gfx driver in fc5, not sure). Anyway, on w2k it resizes smoothly regardless of how fast I drag the mouse to resize FF.

* My soundcard (Creative Audigy) didn't work in FC5. Made me feel like I was installing slackware in the 90ies. This soundcard always works out of the box after I have installed w2k.

* Selecting either "Add/remove software" or "Package Updater" in the Gnome FC5 menu resulted in "Unable to retrieve update information" and then these apps just quit.

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