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Internet Explorer "Many customers have asked us about having a better way to enter IE bugs. It is asked 'Why don't you have Bugzilla like Firefox or other groups do?' We haven't always had a good answer except it is something that the IE team has never done before. After much discussion on the team, we've decided that people are right and that we should have a public way for people to give us feedback or make product suggestions. We wanted to build a system that is searchable and can benefit from the active community that IE has here. As of today, our new Internet Explorer Feedback site is live."
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Nothing like Bugzilla at all...
by rklrkl on Sun 26th Mar 2006 23:46 UTC
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As other people have pointed out, this is a pathetic attempt to make it look like the IE team look like they're "transparent" w.r.t. bug reporting. The fact that the Internet Explorer Feedback Site *immediately* requires a Passport login is a user-interface disaster of the highest magnitude. Yes, I have to register and give a lot of personal details (not just e-mail and name like with Mozilla's Bugzilla) before I'm even allowed to *view* a single bug report - sorry, MS, try again - you're languishing in last place w.r.t. to this.

Of course, the even more cynical amongst you might say that it's a deliberate move by MS to block the site with a high barrier to entry like MS Passport, simply to discourage all but the hard-core users from reporting bugs, thus keeping the volume of bugs to deal with low (and, of course, allowing them to brag that they have less bugs reported than on Mozilla's bugzilla)...

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