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BSD and Darwin derivatives The DesktopBSD team has released their most important release to date-- DesktopBSD 1.0 is now available via .torrent or as a 'normal' download. The release includes KDE 3.5.1, FreeBSD 5.5-PRERELEASE, a user-friendlier package manager, and many more smaller improvements, which are detailed in the changelog and the release notes.
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The big question
by Ronald Vos on Tue 28th Mar 2006 20:17 UTC
Ronald Vos
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Which of the two FreeBSD-for-the-desktop distro's offer the best desktop experience?

Not necessarily for polemics' sake, but it would be interesting to see how the two compare to eachother. Idea for an OSNews article anyone?

(yeah I'm too lazy to do it myself)

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RE: The big question
by DevL on Tue 28th Mar 2006 20:26 in reply to "The big question"
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Well, PC-BSD offers a few "novelities" such as an alternative method of installing software (PBI) and is based on FreeBSD 6.x. I haven't tinkered as much with DesktopBSD, but it is based on FreeBSD 5.x.

Personally I like PC-BSD and look forward too the day when more software is available as PBIs (you got the normal FreeBSD ports system available too, but for desktop users, PBI is a Good Thing (TM)).

But, the only way to get a real feel for these two systems is to give them a spin yourself. Off to download ISOs with you! :-)

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RE: The big question
by the_randymon on Tue 28th Mar 2006 20:56 in reply to "The big question"
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Somewhat of an incomplete but interesting mini-review and comparison here:

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