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OSNews, Generic OSes Folks, as the webmaster of OSNews, I'm sorry to report that the OSNews server was hacked early this morning by a l33t haxx0r known only as "osV_rul3z." Although our database server does not appear to have been comprimised, all of the advertising code was deleted and our code was slightly modified to make everyone a premium level subscriber. Rest assured, we are working on the problem and hope to have OSNews restored to its original state as quickly as possible. UPDATE: As everyone suspected, April Fools!
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So, you are telling me that they have a way to increase readesrhip and make everyone's experience nicer and that they have explicitly and consciously chosen to degrade everyone's enjoyment of the site to force people to "upgrade" to the layout that doesn't suck?

Where did these people go to business school? You never introduce a feature and then take it back and you never make your user's life miserable.

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That's one way to look at it, I guess. Of course, we could always just NOT pay the hosting and bandwidth bill and shut down the site. That's another option.

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If hosting is your problem, I would be happy to work with you to find you a host that would provide all the bandwidth you want.

The condition would be no ads and no memberships. In other words, move OSNEWS from a business to a community ruled and community oriented site.

But I suspect that you were not serious and that hosting and bandwidth are not the deal breakers that you make them out to be.

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I must add that it would have been very nice if you had continued updating the site through the temporary membership, so that we could have actually seen what it is like to be a member, rather than having only this one new thread, which isn't even a news story, to post in. I suppose it is a small leap of the imagination to imagine the faster updating site being easier to read many threads and stories with, but without having actually used the site a lot while in its members-only form, many people (such as me) won't know if it's really worth upgrading for. Not to say it wasn't an appreciated gesture.

And re:porcel, the inclusion of ads is the biggest difference between this and the members' site, and that is common practice on the internet. The OS News bar on the side is to make the site have a better overal layout, for if it were at the top but the ads were at the side, everyone would bitch and moan about the UI.

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