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KDE The KDE Look and Feel Project is a GPL-licenced Swing pluggable look and feel which uses Qt and KDE for the drawing of widgets. KDE Look and Feel implements most of the Java Look and Feel API including dialogs (ColorChooser, FileChooser, etc.).
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by tmack on Tue 11th Apr 2006 19:17 UTC
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The guy programs with .NET, so he's not used to things like "clean design" and "writing code."

Swing's performance and aesthetics are debatable (I personally am not a fan). However, Swing has one of the best technical designs of any toolkit.

I am curious though, if this look and feel matches the theme currently in use by QT. The GTK look and feel theme typically doesn't work with all GTK themes (or even the most common ones).

I can imagine this must difficult to do, but if themes don't work properly, what is the point?

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by JacobMunoz on Tue 11th Apr 2006 19:56 in reply to ".NET"
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"so he's not used to things like"
- as we've never met, I can safely say you don't know what I'm used to...

"clean design"
- is something that you can do in any platform/framework, no matter how bass-ackwords it is. The 'namespace' and 'region' features make things very clean, have you ever written anything in .Net? I'm no fan of Microsoft, but sometimes (rarely, but yes it happens) they do come out with something okay.

"writing code"
- ouch. I've only been writing code in C++, PHP, bash,, Javascript, Java, perl, and python - some for the past thirteen years. Gawd forbid a tool that automates some of the grunt work be used, it's only the year 2006. I must be a traitor to the keyboard - having an illicit affair with the mouse - I guess.

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by Simba on Tue 11th Apr 2006 21:37 in reply to ".NET"
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> Swing's performance and aesthetics are debatable (I personally am
> not a fan).

Performance has been much improved in Tiger, and is even better in Mustang.

As far as aesthetics, I agree that the Metal look and feel is horrible. But it only takes a very small amount of work for a programmer to have Swing pick the theme for whatever platform it is running on. Admitedly, Swing L&Fs need a fair amount of work on X Windows yet. But on Windows and Mac, the native themes look pretty damn good. Swing on Mac is virtually indistingushable from a native OS X application thanks to Apple having done such an incredible job on the Aqua look and feel for Swing.

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