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Microsoft Microsoft's dominant Internet Explorer browser has undergone a major security makeover to plug 10 vulnerabilities that puts millions at risk of PC takeover, address bar spoofing and information disclosure attacks. The monster IE update includes a fix for the 'createTextRange()' code execution flaw that caused zero-day drive-by downloads and a significant modification to the way the browser renders certain ActiveX controls. In all, Microsoft shipped five bulletins with patches for 14 different vulnerabilities in a range of Windows products. At the same time Microsoft has begun requesting that users upgrade their ME/98 machines because support ends July 11th, 2006.
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Try installing a linux distro from the time that xp was released and do apt-get update && apt-get upgrade -y or yum -y update (or whatever your distro wants to update itself)

True, but to be fair you should really only update the kernel (not kernel sources), a few libraries, and DE (GNOME or KDE). Because that is all that XP provides (actually quite a bit less than KDE). Otherwise you should include updates for MS Office, Visual Studio, etc. into the Windows updates as well.

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