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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu MadPenguin takes a look at Flight 5 of Ubuntu Dapper, and concludes: "All in all, Ubuntu 6.06 is gearing up to be quite an impressive release. Granted, I saw some bugs during my stay on the distribution, but can I really complain? It's not a full release, so it deserves some breathing room. Considering some of the horribly authored software I've looked at over the years, I feel that Ubuntu in pre-release form is more stable than other distros when they reach final release status. It's not quite in the league of Slackware and Red Hat/Fedora in that respect yet, but it's surely getting there in a hurry."
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RE[6]: With a price
by somebody on Tue 18th Apr 2006 16:09 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: With a price"
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>And why is too integrated with hardware bad?

This part was a rhetorical question, not question requesting answer.

It was even followed with Read next:)

And the rest of your answer on it was complete bull anyway. I was talking how software I bought is too intgrated with my G5, and PPC Macs won't exist anymore. So all money I gave out for those pieces of software will go down the drain if I would move on new comp.

Point of my comment was.
Vendor that has everything tightly integrated can't even decide on which CPU arch they will tightly integrate. Talk about irony.

Do you want less choice with great drivers, or more choice with possibly inferior peripheral drivers?

I don't have the slightest trouble with drivers on any machine. As I said, HCL is a rule.

And you're sure that Apple NVidia drivers are better than the ones on Linux? Or that my optical fiber card would be better supported under OSX? Or printer (Apple uses cups just as linux, beside the really stupid and unintuitive config tool on OSX they provide)? A lot of hardware is not Apple based so how could that HW be tightly integrated?

How can one even say that some drivers are better than other? Are you really sure that company wrote better drivers than others. For example I don't use fglrx on my notebook, XOrg is better on performance and system integration with my card so I use XOrg one.

How you answer this is probably what you will pick as your computer system if there was a choice between OSX and Ubuntu

I would follow my first OSs (Linux) HCL and try to find the best match for the second at the same time. I do this for my machine that doubleboots Windows-Linux already. Isn't this just logical approach? And your question stupid?

I think we went way off topic long ago. Sorry.

And you went even further with completely missing my point. You went off topic when we were already off topic.

And for the end. Why do you ask stupid questions?

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