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Mac OS X Secunia said there are potential vulnerabilities in the Mac OS X operating system, first noticed by Tom Ferris. The firm described the holes as 'highly critical', meaning that systems could be compromised if crooks dive in. Secunia said the potential holes are in version 10.4.6, but other versions might be affected too.
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RE: I'm pissed
by vimh on Fri 21st Apr 2006 23:52 UTC in reply to "I'm pissed"
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Just get it right by Leopard or else.

I'm not a big mac fan and have never owned a mac but don't you think you're kind a jumping the gun here?

Suppose "exploits" such as these continue on the Mac. What will you do? Move to Windows? Not gonna get safer there. Move to a Linux or another BSD system? Might be worth looking into but their are exploits there as well.

Maybe you should just stick the the command line and use only text based browsers and mail clients. But even then, somebody just might get you.

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RE[2]: I'm pissed
by JustAnotherMacUser on Sat 22nd Apr 2006 01:12 in reply to "RE: I'm pissed"
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I wasn't trying to troll, I have been a Mac user ever since they came out. I currently have over $14 thousand in Apple toys bought over the last few years for myself and friends/family. I'm sure the webmaster of this site can confirm my browser and monitor size (30")

It really peevees me that I worked hard to convince people Mac's were better, only to now get this "I thought Mac's were secure" crapola tossed in my face. I could explain away a few exploits, but now it's a deluge. I'm mad I got egg on my face and conned by Apple.

Now to those who say all operating systems have exploits, your right. But it's the amount and frequency that matter.

For instance OS 9 had very few after Apple took corrective action when they first stared appearing. But Mac OS X is supposed to be way more secure, and it's not. It's racking up exploits much like Windows is.

I give you these links as evidence

I just want a worry free computing enviroment, not to be glued to the internet trying to stay one step ahead of the bad guys.

That's why I bought a Mac and have stuck with the company all these years, if they can't deleiver then I might as well save money and buy a PC.

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RE[3]: I'm pissed
by Fuji257 on Sat 22nd Apr 2006 01:30 in reply to "RE[2]: I'm pissed"
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Dude. Chill. Turn on your "Software Update" in your Preference Panel. If security holes exists; the nice men at Apple will fix them.

OS 9 was "secure" 'cause it had no command line and internally worked bassackwards from any other OS on the planet; and would likely take PPC asm guru to come up with a decent exploit.

When you here of MASS infected OS X systems being taken down; then
b!tch at Apple. Since there are NO ( that's 0, Z-E-R-O) cases of any users being infected or exploited, I'd say Apple's track record is still in tact.

They are FAR from perfect and have been a little slow in the past on a security hole or two; but with a track record like they have I suppose it would not be hard to do.

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RE[3]: I'm pissed
by Brad on Sat 22nd Apr 2006 01:47 in reply to "RE[2]: I'm pissed"
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I don't know what to tell you. Only fanboys ever stated that OSX was perfect or immune to this. Everyone knows such things will happen, and everyone knows that as an OS grows, and its userbase grows the pressures on it grow. It also becomes something more heavily looked at for problems, and those who might use those flaws will be more tempted to act on them. To think anything else is foolish and just a form of denial.

I don't know how OS9 could be considered solid. It was one of the worst OS ever made. Just about anyone, mac users included would take win95/98 or linux over it. It didn't need a vulnerability to go down. It was afraid of itself.

That all said. OSX is still the most worry free platform out there. And so far nothing has happened to any level to be truly worried. All these have show is people should once and for all get it out of there heads that Macs are some how immune to this kind of thing. Also it will come down to the users in the end. For apple to make something that will be immune to such things, they would have to create something very user un-freindly. No one wants that, so there will always be a level of risk. Windows world isn't much different. Many/Most people use it with little issue. Many people use windows with no extra security measures and never have a single issue, they simply don't use foolish things.

You could cage off the woods to protect people from bears. But then you have ruined the view of the woods and stops you from enjoying it. You could also just let people be aware of the dangers of bears, and at the same time they get to enjoy nature freely with no cage. But if you have people who insist they should be able to walk anywheres in the woods and poke bears with sticks and have no issues, well there is very little you can do for those people.

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RE[3]: I'm pissed
by ApproachingZero on Sat 22nd Apr 2006 02:50 in reply to "RE[2]: I'm pissed"
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Just because a vulnerability exists doesn't mean anyone is ever going to be affected by it. A vulnerability is not the same thing as a worm or a virus. Just relax. Sounds like you need to lay off the caffeine this weekend.

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