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Gnome GNOME 2.12 will be released to the world on September 7th, 2005, culminating 6 months of very exciting work by members of the project. A number of exciting technologies come together in GNOME 2.12 that will set the standard for free software desktops to come. Here is a sample of some of the outstanding work that has gone into GNOME thanks to its many contributors.
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re: Nautilus still blows
by on Sun 31st Jul 2005 18:50 UTC

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"The cpu usage applet is a total joke, eats a 500MHz cpu alive."

Funny. I've never had any problems on a 700MHZ cpu. It certainly does not eat 71% of my cpu alive! I have it running constantly. If you want something that eats 512MB of ram alive, try opera w/ over 40 windows open(all day).

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RE: re: Nautilus still blows
by matthew_i on Sun 31st Jul 2005 19:43 in reply to "re: Nautilus still blows"
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Funny story reguarding opera. When my co-worker upgraded from opera 6.x to more recent versions, opening opera would lock his 900 mHz 1GB RAM machine. As a temporary solution he switched to firefox and loaded extensions to make it more like opera. After the P/O for his new Athlon64 3000+ processor, mobo, and other parts went through he is back to using opera just fine. ;)

BTW, he uses well over 40 tabs. One day we looked at his screen and tried to guess how many he used (I think I guessed 60 or something). After counting them it came out to like 80 or so.

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