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Mac OS X Secunia said there are potential vulnerabilities in the Mac OS X operating system, first noticed by Tom Ferris. The firm described the holes as 'highly critical', meaning that systems could be compromised if crooks dive in. Secunia said the potential holes are in version 10.4.6, but other versions might be affected too.
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RE[2]: *sigh*
by MediaSex on Sun 23rd Apr 2006 02:06 UTC in reply to "RE: *sigh*"
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"Because OS X is gaining popularity more of this kind of thing will start popping up. "

How is it possible for someone to post something so idiotic???

Forget the stupidity of what you are suggesting, OS X ISN'T getting more popular outside of a few sub-percentage points.

And do you realize that you a claiming that code written over the past decade in OS X is going to MAGICALLY start to developing security problems due to more people using OS X???

Shame on you for littering the Net with stupidity. And shame on you for parroting the Microsoft Security Nightmare Damage Control Meme.

Why Windows is riddled to its very foundation with security problems is utterly manifest compared to OS X, Linux, and other operating systems. And it has absolutely nothing to do with 'popularity'.

There is a sad and desperate need in the Windows world for OS X to be seen as just riddled to the core with exploits as Windows. I guess after a decade of being the joke of the computing world over security Windows users have developed a bitter desire to lash out with a schoolyard type "You Are Too!!!" respone to computer security.

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