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Windows The firewall in Windows Vista will, by default, have half its protection turned off because that is what enterprise customers have requested, according to the software giant.
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RE[2]: whatever...
by ma_d on Wed 26th Apr 2006 16:12 UTC in reply to "RE: whatever..."
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Definitely. The trouble is that they popup those little dialogs, and you stop reading them unless you're very careful because they get in your way _right now_.

They also limit what you can do as an app designer. Users may wonder why your one program has three programs requesting internet access (not that this is a common scenario). And when users wonder, we all know, they make up crap ;) .

And it doesn't stop the more common type of rogue virus: The one that's installed into some dll somewhere that runs with a program. Although it may save you from some nasty spyware, which you were probably told you were installing while you clicked "next" repeatedly.

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