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Microsoft Microsoft is to enhance the product-activation programme in its Office software to make it more like that in Windows. And it will extend its 'Windows Genuine Advantage' programme to send alerts directly to users of pirate software, the company said yesterday.
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Its the 80s all over again!
by flobberchops on Wed 26th Apr 2006 21:14 UTC
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Shareware, nagware. Microsoft is going to the level of adware. Next up OEMs will provide OneCare free for 6 or 12 months with all new purchases then once consumers are hooked, they will think they have to continue to pay to use theyre computer! After all its a Microsoft computer so we have to pay them! Scare the paying consumer with nags and put fear into them by saying they "COULD HAVE" an illegal version!

Microsoft is a dying company, MS got stale. They where so riding their own popularity wave that they just did not see the competition come up and bite them. Now its panic updates. Apple came from nowhere to be the hot product where is MS? Still hot airing Vista.

MS = ManagerSoft, there is nothing to insire technical people in MS anymore, they have lost their flare and interest from their own employees. MS has become the old IBM. Google and Apple is where its at.

Working at Microsoft is about running around with your mid-year commitment sheet in one arm and your being "visible" in the Business Unit log book in the other. If you want to be a manager, go work for Microsoft. If you want to be a techie, go elsewhere. Google, wherever. They even dont have to buy chairs at google, every employee brings their own (thanks to Balmer). Hey steve-o can we have some tables too?

Windows pirates wont see this, paying consumers have to put up with MS scare tactics.

I have a banned VLK installed, I have windows genuine advantage checks installed. I have still access to automatic updates and more. It DOES NOT WORK.

To bypass the blocks on banned VLKs etc, just delete legitcheckcontrol.dll (but according to windows I have WGA installed ;) and you are able to autoupdate as usual. Some Level 66 SSDE thats thinks hes so fracking elite doesnt check return values ;)

Will Vista have cool decoder rings? or maybe we have to pick words from certain pages from the manuals? Maybe it will come with those red and green 3D glasses for the anti piracy protection.

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kamil_chatrnuch Member since:

you can/could always use automatic updates also with a pirated version of ms windows.

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No, lately they blocked some VLKs that are in the wild. Mine was blocked so I had to do that to get access to Auto updates. It was due to these clamp downs.

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v RE: Its the 80s all over again!
by TADavis on Thu 27th Apr 2006 02:30 in reply to "Its the 80s all over again!"