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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y CNet compares Acer's TravelMate 8200 to apple's MacBook Pro, and concludes the Acer wins; but only by a small margin. "The Acer pulled ahead with ample features and superior performance and battery life, then sealed the deal with its lower sticker price. If you're looking for the most connectivity and fastest performance for your dollar, the TravelMate 8200 is the laptop to buy. The MacBook Pro's strengths clearly lie in aesthetics, from its lightweight, eye-pleasing design to its graphics-friendly display to its elegant operating system. And Apple's superior software package could be said to offset the price differential between the MacBook Pro and the TravelMate 8200."
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RE[4]: OSX
by snowbender on Thu 4th May 2006 15:36 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: OSX"
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The original post was about "The value in an Apple computer is not in the hardware, it's in OSX and the extra software that is included." Apple as a company gives its customers a complete product that consists of hardware, operating system and certain software. That's Apple's right and Apple's choice. In part, this explains part of the price difference.

You said "An Apple fan might believe OS X to be worth $100, but that doesn't apply to everyone else." I compared with Windows XP because for the 'average' user, only Windows or OSX are viable options. From that point of view, OSX is not that expensive and is in my opinion the better choice. Sorry about getting carried away about OSX, I wanted to point out that for certain people OSX is functionally better than Windows and it is not about being an Apple fan boy.

You gave me the impression in your initial post (Get over the fanboyism!) that you (just like many others, it seems) consider every Apple user a fan boy, who can't objectively decide what machine suits him best and what laptop gives him the best deal. I'm starting to get really annoyed with every time again hearing the same arguments about the price tag. Some years back, I bought an iBook because it was the cheapest 12" laptop I could find with similar features. (I also knew that it was 100% supported, also power management, wireless, suspend-to-ram and the like on linux, which is important for me)

If for someone OSX and iLife is worth the 400$, then so be it. If someone is really fond of Apple hardware from an aesthetically point of view, then so be it. No need to call them Apple fan boys.

The point I am trying to make is that no matter how good you think OS X is, you cannot use it as an argument to show that a certain laptop is worse than another. How you value OS X is subjective. You just don't get it that for some people OS X isn't worth the extra price. That's why people consider it a tax.

I completely agree with your point about it being subjective. I do get that for some people OSX isn't worth the extra price. I do get that some people don't care about customer service and don't want it. I also get that some people don't care about the weight of their laptop. I also get that a lot of people don't care about the amount of noise their laptop makes. I get that different people have different requirements regarding laptops. I still feel that it's not right to call it a tax, or to call Apple hardware over-priced.
Also note what I said at the end of my previous post.
The price difference might be there, but for some people the price difference is nothing compared to the added value that the whole Apple "package" gives them. I know that is subjective and maybe for you, you see no added value. That does not mean that an Apple user is a fan boy.

What's so special about Apple customer service? I am not saying that other companies don't have customer service that is as good. Apple warranty is valid internationally, and I know I can drop off my laptop in any Apple center. For example, I wouldn't know where I could hand in the Acer in here if there's a problem with it. Unless I bought it here and could bring it back to the shop. Subjective argument? Probably.

My point is that you need to consider the whole thing to explain the price. Maybe that doesn't make it worth it for you, but it's still part of the price and an explanation why it's more expensive. And it is what gives the Apple computers added value for some people. (I know, "some")

About why OSX sucks for you.
MKV editing... mkvtoolnix from I don't know whether that's what you mean, but I used that before on linux and it's available for OSX.
I also don't like iTunes and Quicktime, but you can get access to ogg/xvid/mkv with vlc (videolan media player), even though it's not perfect as a music player.

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Apple Support
by PlatformAgnostic on Fri 5th May 2006 04:42 in reply to "RE[4]: OSX"
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I work in a helpdesk environment and we see our fair (unfair?) share of mac laptops down there. They're not very serviceable computers (almost all PCs except for Sony Laptops have their disk drives accessible by removing one or two screws).

Apple service is not particularly good either. Dell never gives us any problems when it comes to sending us replacement parts. We do not often replace Apple parts ourselves because they are pretty delicate internally. If the computer needs serious service, we usually get it sent in to Apple, but sometimes they are returned without repair due to minor bumps or scratches (basically if they are not pristine).

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