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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu At LinuxTag on Saturday, a meeting of Kubuntu and KDE contributors was held in order to improve the collaboration of both projects. The aim was to to talk about the common future of both projects. Jonathan Riddell and Mark Shuttleworth from Canonical attended the meeting. Later in his keynote speech to the conference, Mark publicly committed to Kubuntu as an essential product for Canonical and showed his commitment by wearing a KDE t-shirt.
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Yeah, one must question only one thing in your beloved Ubuntu and immediately everyone is a troll for you. That is all you have to say?

The points made there were partially (not all of course) valid points for criticism and if you fail to realize that sudo CAN be a security problem and that e.g. being unable to remove firefox or launching an init 3 session only (it NEVER worked in Ubuntu... dunno why they borked it, but you are always forced into an init 5 environment, even after hacking inittab etc.) are some real showstoppers, than I don't know really what to say except: You are new to Linux, right?

and showed his commitment by wearing a KDE t-shirt.

Wow. Great move!!! *lol* If someone shows his commitment through a T-shirt, it shows that he knows some childish PR-tricks and that some guys are still prone to those cheap PR-tricks, but not much else imho.

"ubuntu": popular piece of crap with pretty wrapper and million-dollar advertising campaign. ;)

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sudo CAN be a security problem

Via what attack pathway? Unless you never use the "su" command either, it's no less secure than having a separate root password.

unable to remove firefox

You can remove firefox. In the process you'll lose certain other bits of infrastructure that depend on the gecko widget that it provides. Now that xulrunner is a viable alternative, that'll be fixed.

launching an init 3 session

Debian (and most of its derivatives, including Ubuntu) has never had a policy of only starting X in certain runlevels. The boot menu offers you the option of booting in single user mode, which is equivalent for most purposes.

You are new to Linux, right?

No. The techrepublic article is woefully inaccurate - the author seems to know nothing about how sensible multi-tasking operating systems work, presents multiple claims as facts when they simply aren't and spends more time berating Jeff than actually attempting to understand any of his answers. But even so, the author isn't new to Linux. Experience doesn't imply competence.

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mhm, why this offensiv tone? The interview was offensiv too, and it may be that ubuntu is not for you, but it sure ain't a piece of crap, they happen to target a rather big audience and they keep them happy, so what's the problem? Didn't have much problems, and there's always room for improvement sure, but please, attacking someone has never worked in convincing someone he's wrong, you rather get the opposite effect.

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Sorry, I had a lousy day and had to leave my frustration anywhere... ;)

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