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Apple I started out as a Mac user in about 1985 in a world which will be totally unfamiliar to almost all readers of OSNews. You wrote out your stuff by longhand, and a secretary typed it on a word processor. If you were lucky and able to manage it, you could dictate it. But you did not dictate into a dictating machine, because these were big heavy and expensive. You dictated it directly to someone who could 'take shorthand'. If you had a PC, it ran DOS. You looked for your files, and moved them around, started applications, one at a time, from the command line, and the command line was not pretty, it was green on black.
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Last week I got a C64 (breadbox) for my Commodore collection..

if you know the MMC64, its a SD/MMC cartridge that can load games from D64 images/ and plays SID music..
(a 1GB SD can hold about 6000 disk images... ;) '' )

my commies still work.. (the tech manuals did a GREAT job)

no installations, no virus, no complicated OS/software, no worries about security..

I don't need a (new) mac.. but I need a (native) C= core for my C-one..

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Off-topic, but I just use an emulator and one of these great retro-joysticks :
There's simply no substitute for being able to use a real joystick for your retro gaming pleasure :-)

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