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GNU, GPL, Open Source After Kororaa announced its GPL problems and me writing a column about it, the people behind Kororaa have now posted an in-depth follow-up: "I have been receiving lots of information which I have been sorting through, thank you to everyone who has emailed me (although I would have also thanked you personally via email). I contacted both ATI and nVidia for some clarification on particular issues, however neither have answered my questions. Nevertheless, this is what I have found so far."
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"But if a kernel developer says he is doing something bad then he certainly must be."

No , Kernel developper are software programmer and not lawyer or judge and certainly not from the FSF. They can be wrong on License and legal issue ( just look at LT the champion of all Legal mistakes ), He as to verify the authenticity of the accusation first , he seem to be running to the people who have zero knowledge and jurisdiction over it and get advice over email over the net.

"No-one may doubt anything the kernel developers say 'cause the kernel is released under the almighty GPL."

Please keep your bulshit to yourself , kernel developper are human , they tend to make just as much mistake if not more then anyone else. Its a case by case situation.

"And despite that ... of the GPL"

Chris dont prove anything beside that he can run around like a chicken with no head , He is accused of GPL violation ( by who ? nobody is even fully certain its really the case ) , the first thing he should do is consult with the FSF to see if its true , if it is ask how he can be made to comply with it. No one else seem to be running in GPL violation beside him.

"when the kernel developers say he is bad, then he IS BAD. Right?"

Can you make a more stupid logical comment ? I dare you , I am sure you can.

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Stupid logical comments are there to demonstrate the cretinism of people's attitudes when it comes to GPL or the open source philosophy. Just like in this case: The author of Kororaa is acting quite sensibly and trying to make sense of the accusations (which seem to be not valid anyway) but then there come the gazillions of zealots who cry "foul" immediately without focusing on the matter at hand. This very much resembles the ideology of totalitarian states and the mentality that you are guilty unless proven otherwise. And that because the unmentioned kernel developer does not understand his/her rights within the "almighty" GPL.
Just like now: strictly speaking it is unclear if there is a violation of the GPL (though evidently there aint) but every goddamn zealot around starts bashing at the "evil bastard who doesnt't obey the almighty GPL". BUT,the effect that it causes is that one enthusiastic chap is not certain whether or not to continue releasing liveCDs which showcase the latest developments at a new and potentially groundbreaking technology. And for what? That some idiot's evangelist ego gets in the way?

THAT is what I am disgusted at.
THAT is what caused me spitting out right now and
THAT is why i tend to be disgusted at the GPL and Open source evangelists - they have lost it(their sanity that is).

I can repeat it, if necessary:

THAT is what I am disgusted at.
THAT is what caused me spitting out right now and
THAT is why i tend to be disgusted at the GPL and Open source evangelists - they have lost it(their sanity that is).

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It is not a matter of ego.
The GPL is not almighty.

Closed source drivers are mines which will explode in the future, when all you can find is old, outdated, unmaintained, badly written drivers that kind of did their job in their time. If we let them in the Linux kernel, it will turn into a minefield.

The kernel is shared under the GPL license because the copyright owners want all of its development to be shared in exactly the same way, so that all parts are shared and free and can be updated and improved with the rest of the system. Opportunistically sidestepping this filosophy to gain economic advantage as nVidia and ATI do should not be allowed, even though it is convenient for many.

If you want to enjoy great closed-source drivers, then use Windows XP; you probably already own a license, and it works pretty well. But Linux exists because of its approach to free code; if you skip that approach for the sake of convenience, the reasons for using and developing it will become weaker, and it will soon stop existing.

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You don't get sarcasm, do you?

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