Making a game in PICO-8

I’m going to use PICO-8, which its creator, Joseph “Zep” White, calls a ‘fantasy console’, but really it’s like an indie-fied emulator of the computers I grew up with, like the BBC B. When you start it, you’re presented with a 128 by 128 pixel display glitching into life, this little do-do-do-do! jingle, and a command prompt.

Everything you need to make games is right there: a mini Lua code editor, sprite and map editors, and sound and music editors. It’s reactive, instant to test to see if things work, and generally delightful. And the stuff people have made in it is extraordinary. Little short-form games: colourful, fun, immediate, varied. Type SPLORE into the command prompt and this little browser for games posted to the PICO-8 forum comes up. Since no game, including its graphics, is bigger than a 65K text file, you’re playing them pretty much instantly. It’s lovely.

This is just the first article in a series.


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