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Intel "Earlier this month, Intel held a 'reviewer's workshop' event where they invited a number of representatives from hardware review sites to spend a few days benchmarking and learning about their new Core 2 microarchitecture. The star of the show was Woodcrest, which is the top end of the Core 2 lineup and will be replacing the last Netburst-based Xeon processor in June. The participating reviewers got to benchmark both Dempsey and Woodcrest, and the results of those benchmark runs are now available. In all, Woodcrest looks like a stellar performer that massively improves on its predecessors in both raw horsepower and power efficiency."
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AMD'S in trouble
by Beresford on Wed 24th May 2006 21:07 UTC
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A few websites I've read seem to indicate the Intel has a winner on it's hand.
A recent review of the AM2 socket on Anadtech say's that AMD didn't want them to compare it to Intel's Core CPU (or whatever it's called) because AMD's chip was available and Intel's wasn't.
That's sound suspicious to me, more like they know the Athlon is going to get beaten. At the end of the Anandtech article they say that AMD has something up it's sleave. I hope this is the case, we don't need another Intel monopoly.

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RE: AMD'S in trouble
by jcinacio on Wed 24th May 2006 21:38 in reply to "AMD'S in trouble"
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IMHO AMD can't compete with the new intel CPU's before 2007.

Personally, i haven't owned an intel cpu after the pentium 3 but i think things are about to change.

The price/performance/watts ratio of the core 2 cpu's will imho win crouds back from AMD.

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RE: AMD'S in trouble
by Tom Janowitz on Thu 25th May 2006 06:23 in reply to "AMD'S in trouble"
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Every website that I read indicate that AMD has better products for about 3 years (apart from mobile) - was Intel in trouble ? We'll soon see Core, but as soon as AMD goes 65nm (december 2006) they will claim best cpu crown once again - AMD says going to 65nm will give them some 40% improvement in speed of transistor switching - does it sound "good enough to beat a crap out of Intel" to you ?
In another news : DELL stated that will sell AMD based high end servers ... Guess what - it's Intel that's in trouble. And no one saw real benchamrks (when I say benchmarks I mean it - not this cheap PR crap that anand gave his a$$ to) of those new (non existant really) chips from Intel. Once they are available in quantity and in decent (for their performance) prizing, we will have some real life conversation about who really is in trouble. For now - there can be only one - wanna try and guess who is this one for now ?

AMD fanboy - yeah - seriously - what were you thinking ? ;)

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RE[2]: AMD'S in trouble
by Beresford on Thu 25th May 2006 08:02 in reply to "RE: AMD'S in trouble"
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AMD's problem in the beginning of the release of the Athlon64 and Opteron CPU's was that they didn't have the corporate market trust. Once the major hardware providers to the corporate world started adopting the Opteron (which let's face it, took them a while. Even though the rest of us people on the ground knew that the Opteron is superior to the Xeon) AMD's fortune's started looking better. So, yes, Intel will never regain the strong position that they once had, but I wouldn't say they are in trouble.

AMD says going to 65nm will give them some 40% improvement in speed of transistor switching
I didn't know about this, maybe they have a chance to reclaim the power/performance crown but like you said. We will just have to wait and see. What I was concerned about for AMD's part is that the AM2 socket change has brought no performance improvements but they waited so long to introduce it.

And there is no need to insult someone (Anand) unless you have actually had dealing's with him.

PS. I'm not for or against Intel / AMD, I'm for the consumer.

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RE: AMD'S in trouble
by segedunum on Thu 25th May 2006 11:49 in reply to "AMD'S in trouble"
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A few websites I've read seem to indicate the Intel has a winner on it's hand.

Well of course they would. This is a big thing for Intel, and from what I've seen the sites that have ran benchmarks are giving more than a helping hand to Intel. The Intel processors are not as great as are being portrayed, and a high-end AMD 64 has been comparable in many cases. Intel don't even have a new 64 bit chip yet either. It also shows how fundamentally good AMD's architectures are that they have been able to extend them so far.

What's clear at the moment is that Intel have been moving to a 65nm process, and along with focusing on things that matter, that has helped them greatly. Thank God something somewhere close to half-decent has come out of Intel recently, and that is completely down to AMD and competition. AMD are just about keeping pace with the high end stuff they have now on a 90nm process. When AMD moves to a 65nm process and we can compare, then I believe the pendulum will swing again.

In short, what you are seeing here is Intel pulling out all the stops, marketing wise that is, because they know they're still behind on what is going on in the real world today.

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