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Internet & Networking "1.7 gigabytes in 12 minutes. That's 1,700MB in under 15 minutes from the Internet to my PC. Glorious, spectacular, almost breathtaking speed, brought to me courtesy of Verizon FiOS. Yes, it's true, I finally got it installed and it's good. Devoted readers know the long road I took to get here, but for those new to me or to FiOS, here's a brief recap."
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a century
by csynt on Fri 9th Jun 2006 16:29 UTC
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>will probably take a decade in the UK

a decade? will probably take a century in Greece..

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RE: a century
by dcibils on Fri 9th Jun 2006 16:36 in reply to "a century"
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Here in Uruguay 512 kb/s is a "respectable" speed (for around USD 60/mo), where most companies have a 1mb/s "enterprise" adsl! (for USD 130/mo)

Well ... it could be worse!

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RE[2]: a century
by Trollstoi on Fri 9th Jun 2006 20:32 in reply to "RE: a century"
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More or less like here in Brazil.

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