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GNU, GPL, Open Source It's time for the Windows and Linux communities to drop the religious war and get together in a hurry to put the strengths of each operating system to best use, according to a nationally recognized authority on Windows Server. At the same time, Microsoft has been reaching out to the open-source community to try to find ways to overcome the incompatibilities between software distributed under the GNU General Public License and its own commercial software.
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by Rehdon on Wed 14th Jun 2006 09:35 UTC in reply to "GPL"
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What you're really saying is that Microsoft should be able to rip, plunder, bastardize and make proprietary what was originally conceived as free software, and after that they also should have you pay an arm and a leg for their "improved and extended" version of the same software, at the same time trying hard to exclude the free software community from any sort of interoperability by using all sort of mean tricks (see how Samba is struggling to catch up if you don't believe me). In other words, they'd like to (ab)use GPLed software like they did with BSD.

So, do you really need to be a FLOSS zealot to see that as fundamentally wrong and unfair? I don't think so.


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