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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris "With the introduction of Solaris 10 and the dynamic tracing facility (DTRACE), the ability to dynamically instrument a system and solve complex problems is a D script (D is the language used by DTRACE) away. Several extremely useful D scripts have emerged, so I thought I would share my ten favorite DTRACE scripts with the OSNews community."
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RE[5]: Not that cool
by butters on Wed 3rd Aug 2005 22:31 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Not that cool"
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A true sysadmin embraces and extends the tools available, since structure and automation is the key to managing complexity. IMHO shell scripting is not the answer, since it is remarkably hard to maintain shell scripts. I had a choice whether to make massive changes to an ~8 year old, 2000+ line ksh script or rebuild it in perl, and I decided not to put my eventual successor through the same thing. Perl in particular gets a bad reputation for being a write-only language, but shell scripting is far worse in that regard. It is easy to write unintelligible perl, but it is almost as easy to write elegant and readable perl. All non-trivial shell scripting is practically unreadable, even if you yourself wrote it a a couple years ago.

If your conception of a sysadmin's job is to dispatch the proper vendor to solve any problems that might arise, then you are hardly useful to your company. A sysadmin should have and use the skills to drill down into problems. Programmers don't want to hear, "its not working right, please fix it." It's the sysadmin's job to report issues in a way that points the developer to the root of the problem.

Periodically I attend customer presentations where IT people from companies come in and talk about how they use our systems and what they would like to see improved. Sometimes I am blown away by the demanding and technical nature of their issues, and how well they articulate what is going on and why. These guys may be sysadmins, but it is clear that they spend a great deal of time examining the kinds of things that DTrace seems to make easier. These guys will have jobs while your's goes oversees.

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RE[6]: Not that cool
by Sphinx on Thu 4th Aug 2005 13:25 in reply to "RE[5]: Not that cool"
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A true sysadmin embraces and extends the tools available,

You sir, are a real Sysadmin and a credit to your noble profession.

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