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PC-BSD PC-BSD has just released their roadmap en route to PC-BSD 2.0. They want to focus on making the PC-BSD specific tools integrate better with the rest of KDE, while also doing a lot fo work on the installer. The team also released a list of open volunteer positions for those willing to help.
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RE: Automatic monitor setup
by dammage on Fri 16th Jun 2006 17:02 UTC in reply to "Automatic monitor setup"
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Wouldn't it be better to make prime members (vendors) to have read-write access to the db while users have read-request?

The request form would ask the users the vendor, model or any other common data which might help to identify the specifications of his display device and in case the model really isn't there, the request would be forwarded to the this model vendor who has write support on the database.

The point would be that every vendor (who has proven to be one ;) ) would be able to maintain his database for every system which is capable of working with the database. Such systems would be all x11-based systems, but also others like haiku, syllable and so on, hell, even windows-pcs could profit from this system.

The read-request and r-w system would make the life of all the vendors easier, too, as they only need to worry about one single (their own) repository.

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