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PC-BSD PC-BSD 1.11 has been released. Major changes: updated installed ports to current versions as of 6-12-06; updated KDE to 3.5.3 (more than 800 bugs fixed compared to 3.5.2); added additional DRM video drivers to default kernel, 3D/DRI support for Intel 3D, Voodoo, ATI, S3, SiS, Matrox, etc.; and much more. Get it from the download page (update or complete .iso), read the changelog, or read the release notes.
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RE: Impressive
by Almindor on Wed 21st Jun 2006 09:23 UTC in reply to "Impressive"
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As much as I'd love to agree with you (since package management IS the #1 bad idea in unix world) but I can't.

There are reasons for *SHARED* libraries which are yep.. SHARED among executables which means that eg:

if you have a gtk2 dependent program, in package systems you get gtk2 installed once and each gtk2 using program shares it's memory when running. On the .PBI system of PCBSD you get a local copy-per program which is used. And not only of one lib...

The problem with this is memory usage and prinipaly the uselessness of shared libraries at all on that system.

I had PCBSD and I even made a few packages (PBI) for it, but after some time and "conflicts/inconsistencies" I figured out the base idea is simply wrong and left.

I think that the idea of self-contained programs easily installable with minimal dependencies is a GOOD idea but it'd require a bit different approach.

IMHO the basic libs (anything which is a library, not a program) should be pre-installed on the system. The programs should use smartlinking for anything else than these libs (they should be shared) and thus depend only on them. The problem is that smartlinking is not supported by gcc.

NOTE: smartlinking = static linking only those functions/objects you actualy use from the "library" (source).

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