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Novell and Ximian According to a Novell confidential memo dated June 14, Novell is delaying its next release of both the server and desktop versions of SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 "to address final issues with our new package management, registration, and update system and also fix the remaining blocker defects."
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RE[2]: Good
by Celerate on Thu 22nd Jun 2006 03:01 UTC in reply to "RE: Good"
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In Kubuntu the control centre applets become unresponsive sometimes, I then try them in the traditional KDE control centre and they also don't work there. If I kill the related processes and then restart either one of the control centres the applet will work again until the next time it happens. This is a problem I've only ever experienced in Kubuntu, and it happened in both 6.06 and 5.10. I have not discovered the reason why it happens, but you did ask what problems there are.

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