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Games AppleInsider is reporting that Sony's PlayStation 3 gaming console will support Apple's Mac OS X Tiger operating system. "Sony is expected to offer optional hard drives for the PlayStation 3 with potential memory capacity of 80 or 120 GB. It remains to be decided whether the standard version of the PS3 will come complete with a hard drive. The operating system has also yet to be clarified. The integrated Cell processor will be able to support a variety of operating systems (such as Linux or Apple's Tiger)."
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No its not X-) RE: 3rd party magazine
by Damien on Thu 4th Aug 2005 21:20 UTC in reply to "3rd party magazine"
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It sure looks like one, but it seems to be an official Sony site. DOh!


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taschenorakel Member since:

Yup, looks like they cite an official Sony site! Could be test ballon from Sony, to figure out wheither they should accept this deal?

Well Sony, if you read this: I don't know if I'd buy a barebone PS3, but a PS3 running MacOS X! Wow, guess I would have to buy this machine!

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