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PC-BSD The PC-BSD team has released a first beta of PC-BSD 1.2. From the changelog: "updated ports to current as of 6-26-06; added DBSD Network/User Toolset into Control Panel; convert PC-BSD tools to Control Panel modules;" and much more.
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Consistant Improvement
by iangibson on Tue 4th Jul 2006 12:55 UTC
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PC-BSD is coming along nicely.

Easy installation, good default setup, multimedia codecs, java, printing, etc. all good.

I do think they should incorporate a graphical ports front-end similar to the one used by DesktopBSD. Why not give users the extra choice, especially since there's only a small selection of FreeBSD's 15,000+ ports available in PBI format?

Also, they need to work on making GTK fonts nicer by default - again DesktopBSD has the edge here, since it automatically runs the clearlooks theme as soon as it is installed (and I believe it is automatically installed if you install the DVD version of DesktopBSD).

Both PC-BSD and DesktopBSD failed to configure X correctly - I had to run xorgconfig and fix things manually. If there was a way for the installer to recognise when it needed input (e.g. 'What monitor do you have?') and ask for help, this would be nice, too.

I also had to disable my USB controller in my PC's BIOS to get PC-BSD & DesktopBSD to install (re-enabling it afterwards, of course). This doesn't happen when installing FreeBSD itself.

But overall, PC-BSD is making remarkable progress, especially considering the relatively limited manpower they currently enjoy. Well done!

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